Writing My Story

“just in time”

After completing the first draft of my book, “A Gift…Only Borrowed”, I made the mistake of doing a word search in the Navigation Pane that is available on Microsoft Word. Apparently, I liked the word ‘Just’ a lot.  When I first looked at my original manuscript, I learned that I had used that word 182… Continue reading →

Standing naked on my front porch

“A Gift…Only Borrowed” – By Kirk Spencer While you can gain some comfort through your faith, you don’t always get answers to the questions you might be asking.  Sometimes the answers you receive may not fit neatly into what you wanted to hear.  Then again, maybe we are asking the wrong questions. My other two… Continue reading →

Holy week – my time to mourn

Holy Week – 2020 My baby girl passed away on the Monday, April 5th, 1982, right after Palm Sunday.  Her death, funeral visitation, and burial happed before Easter.   I have to think carefully, or be reminded by my wife, as to the actual anniversary of her passing that Monday afternoon at Columbus Children’s Hospital so… Continue reading →

CEMETERIES are unique to visit

Cemeteries can be a pretty unique place to visit. My daughter’s final resting place was in a section of Union Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio they called Baby Land.  I haven’t gone back to visit my daughter’s grave site very often.  I believe that she isn’t really there.  I don’t know, maybe I don’t fully understand… Continue reading →

Letting go…

The doctor finally arrived bedside and told us rather matter-of-factually, “We have done all we can for your daughter, but she is slipping away. We need to let her go.” I am embarrassed to say that I had expected this outcome for quite some time, but my wife had not. Lynn was certain that our… Continue reading →


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