Muses on my music

my best friend’s music

Flipping through YouTube videos, I stumbled upon several folks who had never heard of Bob Seger listening to his music. I loved watching them react while listening to his songs. I don’t know how anyone could possibly not know about bob Seger and his tremendous library of music, but then I have never listened to… Continue reading →

Mustang mach e ??

2021 Mustang Mach E vs 1969 Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet. I thought I would write some thoughts about the advantages of an electric car that can go from zero to sixty in three seconds, non-polluting engine, new hi-tech toy…no I can’t do it! Mustangs should breathe oxygen and push out horsepower through an… Continue reading →

growing up fast

Growing up fast in the Detroit Suburbs 1967 finally arrived, and not a minute too soon.  That was the year I began my driver’s ed.  Back then, the public schools in Michigan allowed teachers to teach driver’s education in the summertime.  I could not wait that long, so my parents paid for my initial time… Continue reading →

country music – changing radio stations

Somewhere in the 1990’s, I grew tired of most of the music playing on pop/rock radio stations.  Other than the occasional oldies played from a time closer to my generation, it was just terrible music coming out.   Having just moved to the Cincinnati area, I hadn’t explored all the local radio stations.  One morning on… Continue reading →

Bob Seger is my Music

How do you begin to describe how important an artist has been in your life.  One word – Bob Seger! I love music, music of all types and genres, and when you grow up in the suburbs of Detroit, the offerings of the Motown sound, and many other kinds of local Rock n Roll groups… Continue reading →

Nothing left to plunder

I have been a big Jimmy Buffett fan since the early seventies. Like Bob Seger, his music talks to me in a way that I understand and try to live by. Oh, not so much the “Let’s Get Drunk and Screw” or the other drinking songs, but those ‘gentle living on or by the sea… Continue reading →

Bob Seger – My Life In His Own Words

Bob Seger – Singer/Song Writer/Performer My hero…in his own words: Robert (Bob) Clark Seger was born in the same hospital I was, only a few years prior to me, and became a devote Detroit Red Wings hockey fan, too.  It’s funny, but everyone says they’re from Detroit, but it is just a reference point.  Bob… Continue reading →

Great Old Driving Songs

Driving home from my first golf round in 2020, yes it is January in Cincinnati, Ohio, one of my favorite songs came over the radio. Anyone from my generation (67 years behind me), has to love The Eagles. Bob Seger will always be my favorite song writer and performer, but The Eagles have to come… Continue reading →


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