Great Old Driving Songs

Driving home from my first golf round in 2020, yes it is January in Cincinnati, Ohio, one of my favorite songs came over the radio. Anyone from my generation (67 years behind me), has to love The Eagles. Bob Seger will always be my favorite song writer and performer, but The Eagles have to come in a close second.

One of their songs off their “On The Border” album from 1974, is just a great driving song. Turn up “Ol’ 55”, put down the windows, sing one of the harmony parts at the top of your lungs, and just ignore the other driver’s looks stopped next to you at the traffic light!

I mean, any song that includes the lyrics, “Lickety-Splity” has to be fun. It brings back so many memories of driving around from drive-in to drive-in late on a summer evening in the suburbs of Detroit. Loud engines waiting at every traffic light for the next hot rod to pull aside you and squeal your tires when the light turns green and hoping there weren’t any cops nearby.

I’m not exactly sure why we spent every night blowing through a tank of gas (36 cents/gallon), my 1969 Mustang Mach 1’s hood scoop shaking with my heart and mufflers rumbling, and anticipating smashing down on the gas peddle to reach the next light as fast as I can. My guess, as best as I can remember…I was hoping to find the right girl at one of those drive-ins who might be waiting to jump in the vacant seat next to me.

Did it ever happen? Well, no. But that never stopped me from trying. Oh wait, hear comes a 1970 Road Runner pulling up beside me…hope it’s doesn’t have a Hemi!!

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I've been married for 40 years with 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I spent my 45 year career in the grocery retailing industry, from bagging groceries to president of a customer dedicated national food brokerage company. I enjoy golfing, cooking, writing, all kinds of music, and more importantly watching my grandchildren thrive, especially in education and sports.

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