December 25th

My baby girl was born December 12th, a couple of weeks before Christmas. It can be hard to remember to take time every year that passes to take time to think about that little girl…until Christmas Eve. Every time we raise our lit candles at the last church service of the evening and begin to sing Silent Night, the tears begin to flow. Just a little at first, but more and more as the song begins to end. Oh, they’re soft tears that gently leave a trail on my cheeks that no one will probably notice, but they are there just the same. I miss her most at that moment, especially after the church lights are dimmed and only the candle light shines through. I have to hope she can hear those words and memories that try to sneak out of from my heart and remember that I remember her.

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I've been married for 40 years with 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I spent my 45 year career in the grocery retailing industry, from bagging groceries to president of a customer dedicated national food brokerage company. I enjoy golfing, cooking, writing, all kinds of music, and more importantly watching my grandchildren thrive, especially in education and sports.

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